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Leveraging Youtube’s search

Youtube Search Page

This little project was spawned from the need to get youtube’s URL’s quickly and search keywords without dealing with the slow-loading pages of the regular interface on Youtube’s website. Thankfully, Google provides a nice tidy PHP api for that, complete with excellent instructions and tutorials for getting the information we wanted.




Hawkwynd Radio

The story of a man who became obsessed with hosting his own radio station and how he achieved his objective. I don’t know about you, but if I had it my way, free stuff would be free — of advertising! …

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Hawkwynd Radio’s Hardware

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain My first attempt to build the hardware came out of necessity, and since I was broke I had to use what I had lying about. I connected the mic to the …

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How to get geo info from your Shoutcast listeners

How to get geo info from your Shoutcast listeners I wrote a quick and dirty python script to list listeners of a Shoutcast stream and display their location information. This allows me to see who’s listening, and give them a …

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