Building The New Site

The new installation of wordpress was a breeze, and is up and running (because you’re seeing this).  The main reason for this whole project is to have a place where I can share wordpress development strategies, helpful tips and leave myself a breadcrumb trail to look back at work I’ve performed and be able to revisit it again later. As the great Gary Hornbuckle once stated “Its called being kind to your future self.”

I’ve selected AWS as my hosting provider, and while there is so much to learn about it, I’ve learned enough to get things rolling in a secure and safe environment, as my previous hosting provider limited me to just a few tools.

So, now that the site is up, it’s time to apply some styling and design the layout, fonts, images, and all the other web developer things that require making a well rounded website which visitors can enjoy.

More soon!

Sometimes I feel as if I’m being watched…

Dr. Doolitlle